Tesla adjusts Sentinel mode in the Netherlands to avoid fines

When it comes to Tesla, I'm sure many people have praised its performance and technology, especially its introduction of Sentinel mode, which can be a good deterrent to those who try to destroy the vehicle. However, there are some problems with this mode. Tesla was previously investigated in the Netherlands because of the Sentinel mode, but after Tesla made some changes, the Dutch officials did not punish the company.

The Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) had previously investigated Tesla's Sentinel Mode for whether it constituted an invasion of people's privacy, noting that while Tesla's Sentinel Mode was designed to photograph vandals and thieves intent on damaging the vehicle, the technology could photograph anyone who approached it and retain that data over time, regardless of people's intentions. But then Tesla adjusted its mode in that country, and with Sentinel Mode on, the vehicle will flash its headlights to alert people in the vicinity that its filming is on. So ultimately the agency did not issue a ticket to Tesla.

"Many Teslas parked on the street routinely photograph everyone who approaches the vehicle, and those images are kept for a long time." DPA board member Katja Mur said." If every car did this, we would have a situation where no one could go anywhere in public without being watched."

Tesla's Sentinel Mode, which was first introduced in February 2019 and was originally intended to address the high number of Tesla thefts in California at the time, not only records the likenesses of thieves who attempt to steal vehicles, but also sets off a security alert when the thieves are ready to strike. But the mode has also caused considerable controversy, mainly focused on data collection on the surrounding environment and personal privacy.

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