Tesla 4680 Model Y Disassembly: Seat And Battery Pack Together!

Last month, the first batch of Model Y with 4680 battery produced by Tesla's Texas super factory started to be delivered to the general users one after another, and the appearance of the car's overall body clearance was well handled, the paint was smooth, and the overall quality was consistently well received by the users~.

The Model Y with 4680 battery produced in Texas factory is also excellent in range. Two days ago, Ryan Levenson, a big fan of Tesla Motors, leased a dual-electric version produced in Texas factory with a range of 279 miles with the new 4680 battery Model Y from the platform and specifically tested the range performance of the car.

The test showed that the range of the vehicle reached 270 miles from 0 in 52 minutes, that is, the Model Y was charged from 0 to 97%, according to this calculation, the Model Y with 4680 batteries should be filled from 0 to 100% in 1 hour!

In addition, the car in the display 0 miles, that is, in the state of no electricity, Model Y can still drive 3 km, acceleration is also normal and not affected ~

Tesla 4680 Battery

I have to say that the Texas-made 4680 battery Model Y has been harvesting a lot of positive feedback, both in appearance and range performance, and on July 6, the world-renowned car dismantling & analysis experts Munro Live dismantled the Texas-made Modle Y with 4680 CTC battery chassis integrated design, and the experts praised Tesla's chassis CTC technology The experts praised Tesla's chassis CTC technology and shared some interesting technical details.

First, Tesla mounted the Model Y's front passenger seat, center console, storage compartment, cupholders, rear air conditioning vents, air ducts, carpet and other assemblies on the battery pack top cover, which means the battery pack and these components are integrated and connected together, and so integrated that removal requires removing them all together to work.

4680 CTC Battery Chassis

This manufacturing design is still the first time in the automotive industry, what is amazing is the low weight of the battery pack with seats and center console, the whole battery pack of Model Y + high and low voltage + center console + seats + carpet only weighs 554kg, and such weight is only half of the traditional car, as a comparison, like the BYD Seal CTC technology, a single 82.56 degree battery pack weighs 560/558kg. As a comparison, a battery pack with 82.56 kWh alone weighs 560/558kg, not to mention the installation of other complex components.

Munro Live, a world-renowned expert in car disassembly & analysis, said that the integration of various parts of this Model Y vehicle with the giant casting parts (front and rear) is very high, and the benefit of this high level of integration and integration is that it can reduce the number of parts, reduce costs and significantly improve production efficiency.

Munro Live, the world's leading vehicle dismantling & analysis expert

Especially in improving production efficiency, Tesla in order to be able to improve production efficiency, can be very attentive, we look at some details, according to analysis experts Munro Live analysis, 4680 CTC Model Y front and rear integrated die-casting body components die-casting precision is very high, even in the die-casting mold to solve the screw perforation, guide fins and other details, the increase in precision substantially improved efficiency, but also greatly reduce the amount of labor.

In addition, Tesla also uses a slide mounting design on the battery pack, the center skeleton also has a corresponding slide, once the battery is installed in place, the center console mounting position instantly in place, only 2 screws are needed to fix, assembly of the exterior trim panel, this part of the assembly is also basically over, greatly reducing the work of a large number of components components, assembly efficiency is extremely high.

Tesla's 4680 + CTC can reduce weight and energy and money saving materials, easy to produce, improve production efficiency, such technology for car companies is simply the meat and potatoes, the future, 4680 + CTC or will be the main direction of development of new energy automotive circle.

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