Soon To Be Delivered, Tesla Website Updated Electric Truck Semi Pictures

According to TESLARATI today, Twitter user @Tesla_Adri spotted an updated image of the Semi electric truck on Tesla's website, further confirming the vehicle's upcoming delivery. As seen in the updated images, the Semi truck has a centered steering wheel, a display panel on the left and right sides, and an armrest box on the right side of the driver's seat for items such as water glasses.

Back in November 2017, Tesla had already released the Semi Truck electric semi-trailer truck. However, due to complementary energy and design issues, this vehicle has been repeatedly delayed in production and delivery, and has not been delivered until now. Well, not long ago, Musk said that the electric truck Semi will start shipping this year, and combined with Tesla's recent actions, the vehicle is expected to be delivered soon.

Meanwhile, Twitter user @MikeOPSEC pointed out that the Semi truck's cameras are well placed to help truck drivers eliminate blind spots in their field of vision.

In May, the Semi began accepting pre-orders from regular customers with a $20,000 deposit. But Tesla recently updated the order screen for the Semi to remove the reservation option, according to an Aug. 18 TESLARATI report. In addition, Tesla has modified the configuration information of the electric truck Semi, and instead of the previous 4 motors on the order page, the vehicle is equipped with the new 3 motors.

IT House learned that the 4-motor version of the Semi electric truck with 6 × 4 drive type, driven by four independent motors, distributed in the two rear axle, horsepower reached 1100 horsepower, in the state of fully loaded 36 tons of cargo 0-100 km acceleration time of about 20 seconds, about half of the traditional truck zero hundred acceleration time.

Price, the vehicle range of 480km version of the price of $ 150,000, range of 800km version of the price of $ 180,000.

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