Musk: "Don't be distracted by the crazy stock market, Tesla will be the most valuable company on the planet!"



In the previous seven consecutive declines, Tesla fell nearly 31 percent, and has accumulated a decline of about 70 percent so far this year. Elon Musk told Tesla employees in a new email that he asked them not to be distracted by the "crazy (craziness) stock market" and that he believes Tesla will be the most valuable company on the planet in the long run, and urged them to aim for delivery by the end of the quarter. The company has previously introduced discounts on cars in the United States and China.

Notably, Musk also reminded employees via email in December 2019, when Tesla shares reached their then-record high of $430, to "not worry about the stock price." He also said in an email at the time, "Eventually, I believe Tesla's stock price will be much higher than it is today." As it turns out, the "all-time high" in December 2019 was indeed just the starting point for Tesla's subsequent two-year rally.

The most attention is the Ark Fund, which is owned by Sister Wood, is not afraid to fall, and has been plunging Tesla since December, buying 152,700 shares in total.

In addition to Sister Wood, there are also Korean individual investors who are enthusiastically plunging. As of Dec. 27, South Korean investors have added $160 million to their holdings this month and have bought a net $2.8 billion worth of Tesla stock during the year.

Musk tweeted this month, "No matter what happens, there will be no selling of Tesla stock next year." Wall Street also wants Musk to redirect his energy to Tesla, and Musk said last week that he would step down as Twitter's chief executive once a successor is found.

Musk exposed: U.S. government interferes with all social media and will give clear instructions to it

According to GlobeNewswire, Twitter CEO Musk said in a post on the 27th that "every" U.S. social media company is under strict scrutiny by the U.S. government. In addition, the U.S. government sometimes gives clear instructions to these companies, for example, Google often removes specified links at its request.

According to Fox News 27, Musk said that all social media platforms cooperate with the U.S. government in censoring content, and they all remove relevant content under explicit instructions from U.S. federal agencies. Documents released by Musk following his acquisition of Twitter reportedly show that Twitter worked with the FBI, CIA, Pentagon and other government agencies to suppress information about the U.S. election, the situation in Ukraine and a new coronavirus infection.

According to the report, Musk's tweets, published on the 27th, add to a series of previous revelations by journalist Matt Taibbi. Among other things, with Musk's approval, Taibbi published the contents of internal Twitter communications that corroborated regular meetings between Twitter executives and members of the FBI and CIA. During the meetings, these agencies provided the platform with a list of "hundreds of problem accounts" and asked it to block them before the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Musk stressed that most people do not understand the importance of what Taibbi is saying.

According to Fox News, Taibbi said that the U.S. government has ties to "almost every major technology company" including Facebook, Microsoft, Verizon and Reddit, not just Twitter. CIA agents almost always sit in on meetings between these companies and the FBI's Foreign Influence Task Force, Taibbi claimed. He explained that while the task force was created to combat foreign interference in U.S. elections, it imposes a large number of vetting requirements for U.S. domestic content.

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