Germany calls for recall of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y

Recently, it was announced that the German Motor Transport Authority has asked Tesla to recall its Model 3 and Model Y. The reason why this request was introduced is due to the possibility of a malfunction in the emergency system. And this problem can be upgraded offline through OTA or by driving to an authorized repair location.

Tesla Model 3

It is reported that this time the so-called emergency system problem mainly lies in the system can be used to make an emergency call for help in the event of a car accident, and due to a software defect, it will cause the system to crash in the event of a collision. According to the German agency's sources, there may be 60,000 Tesla models with this problem worldwide at the moment.

Tesla Model 3

Previously, the model also had a problem with the CPU overheating during DC fast charging, rendering several functions unusable. Again, this was repaired through an offline upgrade.

Tesla Mode Y

Up to now, Tesla has had several recall recalls due to various quality issues. As a top company, we still hope that Tesla will have better reliability in terms of quality control and technology.

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