German Version Of The Tesla Model Y Range Test

In recent news, Bjørn Nyland, one of Norway's leading electric car test bloggers, has tested the range of the Made in Germany (MIG) Tesla Model Y Performance, and the results give it plenty of praise. Test vehicle: German-built Tesla Model Y Performance with 21-inch wheels. Test environment: 18-19°C. Test results: average energy consumption of 146Wh/km at 90km/h and 205Wh/km at 120km/h.

Tesla Model Y

Assuming a usable battery capacity of 74-74.4kWh, the vehicle's range of 510km and 361km at 90km/h and 120km/h makes it one of the highest levels of crossover pure electric SUVs.
After achieving a range of 510km at 90km/h, Bjørn Nyland also used the German Tesla Model Y Performance for a long distance test of 1000km.

Start: 100% state of charge ( SOC )

Temperature: 17-24°C (average 20°C)

Total time: 9 hours 45 minutes

Average speed (total): 102.6 km/h (64 mph)

Average energy consumption: 228 Wh/km (367 Watt hours / mile)

Electric vehicle range chart

Number of charging stations: 6
Average distance between charging stations: total: 143 km (89 miles); excluding initial section: 131 km (82 miles)

Charging points: 1. after 212 km (132 miles); 2. after 363 km (226 miles); 3. after 512 km (318 miles); 4. after 662 km (411 miles); 5. after 814 km (506 miles); 6. after 955 km (594 miles).

It is worth noting that Bjørn Nyland has also previously tested the Made in China (MIC) long range version of the Model Y and the overall results were similar to this German version.

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