Tesla China's Former Employees Publicly Reported: Model Y Production In The Reduction Of Important Processes

On December 8, a self-proclaimed former Tesla employee publicly reported Tesla on China's social media microblog, with the following details.

I, a former employee of Shanghai Tesla, recently reported to the relevant authorities for the clues that Shanghai Tesla has lowered an important process specification during the production of Model Y models.

If the risk assessment, body-in-white verification and vehicle verification of the change are not sufficient, the possibility of affecting the strength of the load-bearing body and even the safety of the vehicle cannot be ruled out. The specific conclusion will be subject to the competent department's investigation response.

Other problem clues are being organized.

The two accompanying pictures are Tesla's work card and electronic business card, you can see the words "shagnhai", "Model Y" and so on, which is obviously used to self-identify.
The Tesla Model Y, as the heaviest model in the past two years, has been recognized and welcomed by many consumers, and NCAP has conducted crash tests on the car.

The results proved that the Model Y maintained Tesla's usual high safety, achieving good results in three aspects: the safety index for members inside the car, the safety index for pedestrians outside the car and the safety index for vehicle assistance.
According to the whistleblower, the Model Y manufactured in the factory recently had a "process shrinkage", for this report, Tesla has not responded for the time being, and we will keep an eye on it.

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