First Disassembly Of Tesla 4680 Battery: The Possibility Of Repair Is Almost 0

Youtube blogger Munro Live disassembled a Tesla Model Y car with a 4680 battery and found that the car is very well integrated using not only the CTC chassis integrated design, but also the seat and battery module are also connected together.

Tesla Model Y

Recently, Munro Live finally removed the row of seats above the battery module and wanted to learn more about the internal structure of the Tesla 4680 battery. According to the official statement, the energy density of the 4680 battery is 5 times higher than that of the old 21700 battery, which can increase the range of the whole car by 16%. The battery also introduces electrodeless ear technology inside the battery, which increases both power and output by 6 times, and charges faster.

The 4680 battery module used in the Tesla Model Y is made up of 950 cells, and its energy density can reach 300Wh/kg without considering the battery control module and temperature control components. Munro Live even gave a conclusion that "the repairability after crashing is almost 0".

Tesla Model Y

The blogger pried open the metal cover above the Model Y battery module and found that the entire pack of 4680 cells was neatly arranged in 4 rows and coated with a thick layer of unknown red glue with very high stickiness. In this way there is no way to remove and replace the cells individually, and there is no concept of battery pack, the whole cell has been integrated with the chassis. This design seems to better protect the battery, but if it is broken that simply can not be repaired, the entire chassis must be replaced, the cost is estimated to be close to half the cost of the car.

Tesla Model Y

Tesla car repair costs would have been very high, its body frame on the use of a one-piece die-casting molding process, and now the battery and chassis also use an integrated design, once damaged can only be replaced as a whole, can not be repaired by replacing parts. So, since last year, Tesla's premiums have been rising, insurance companies are losing money to do business, repairing a cost is really too expensive.

Tesla this highly integrated solution can indeed significantly reduce manufacturing costs and improve assembly efficiency, but for consumers it increases the cost of maintenance. For those who want to buy a Tesla car friends, must also take this into account, do not buy a car finally but no money to repair the car, it is too late to regret.

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