Elon Musk: Tesla AI Day Postponed To Sept. 30

June 2, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted that the second Tesla AI Day (Artificial Intelligence Day) event has been postponed to September 30, when a prototype humanoid robot Optimus Prime may be running.

It is understood that the event was originally scheduled for Aug. 19. Musk has tweeted that the purpose of the AI Day event is to convince talented artificial intelligence, software or chip talent to join Tesla.

In April, Musk estimated during a TED appearance that Tesla would show an " interesting prototype" of the Optimus robot sometime this year, and that by 2023 " something useful might be available. He predicted that Tesla will see an expansion of its humanoid robotics program within the next two years. around 2025, Musk sees Optimus Prime's utility growing rapidly year by year.

As the humanoid robot's useful functions expand, Musk believes that Tesla will see costs drop as it scales up production of the Optimus robot. As for the price of the Optimus robot, here's what Elon Musk had to say: " I don't think the cost will actually be ridiculously high, like lower than a car."


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