Elon Musk says Tesla Semi will be delivered this year

On August 10, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on social media platforms that two vehicles will start to be delivered this year and next year. Among them, the Semi Truck with a range of about 805 kilometers will be delivered this year, while Tesla's electric pickup truck Cybertruck will start to be delivered next year.

It is understood that as early as 2017, Tesla released the Semi Truck electric semi truck, which was originally scheduled for mass production in 2019, but the delivery date of the vehicle was delayed again and again due to the impact of replenishment energy and design issues. However, in June this year, Tesla reopened the reservation channel for the Semi Truck, which, combined with what Elon Musk said previously, means that the Semi Truck will be officially used for commercialization.

The Semi truck is powered by a 6×4 drive, with four independent motors distributed on the two rear axle positions. After starting, the Semi truck can reach a maximum horsepower of 1,100, and the zero-hundred acceleration time is only about 5 seconds under no-load condition, far exceeding the traditional fuel trucks. In addition, the Semi truck has been released in two versions: long and short range, with a range of 805 km and 480 km respectively. Of course, the Semi truck is also expensive, with a price tag of $150,000.

It is worth mentioning that the Tesla Cybertruck, the "pickup truck outlier", will also begin deliveries next year. You know that since the Cybertruck was released, its disruptive and innovative styling has attracted a lot of attention, and only 8 months after its launch, it has received 650,000 pre-sale orders. This time, if the Cybertruck can be successfully delivered, Tesla will make a lot of money in the pickup market.

These two models have actually been launched as early as a few years ago, the reason for the delay until now to prepare for delivery, on the one hand, because Tesla's 4680 battery production is insufficient, need to wait until the 4680 battery capacity is sufficient, these models can be mass production. On the other hand, due to the global supply chain and replenishment energy problems, so the delivery has been delayed before.

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