Deliveries Coming Soon, Tesla Semi Caught On Camera Being Shipped Across The U.S

Sept. 28 - Multiple Tesla Semi electric trucks have been spotted being shipped across the U.S. ahead of the long-awaited start of deliveries.

The Tesla Semi, an all-electric Class 8 truck, was announced back in 2017 when official deliveries were expected as soon as 2019, but it’s been delayed for years, and last month Tesla CEO Elon Musk made a surprise social media site reveal that deliveries of the 500-mile range version of Tesla's Semi truck will begin this year.

Musk didn't give a specific delivery date, however, but it looks like it shouldn't be too far away now, as several Tesla Semi electric trucks have been spotted around the U.S. being transported on other trucks.

Tesla has said that it will be the first customer for the Semi truck and plans to use the vehicle in its operations to reduce fuel costs. Tesla is already using early prototypes of the Semi in its operations, specifically between the Gigafactory in Nevada and the Fremont plant.

Tesla was already taking reservations for the Semi truck five years ago with deposits of up to $20,000 per truck. The company is known to have thousands of electric trucks on pre-order, with several large companies among its customers, including Walmart and PepsiCo.

While Tesla has deployed production of the Semi truck in Nevada, production is fairly low and Tesla expects to put the vehicle into volume production next year at its Gigafactory in Texas. Tesla has never announced the planned production capacity of the Semi truck, but it is expected to be able to produce tens of thousands of units per year.

IT House learned that the 4-motor version of the Semi electric truck with 6 × 4 drive type, driven by four independent motors, distributed in the two rear axles, horsepower reached 1100 horsepower, in the state of fully loaded 36 tons of cargo 0-100 km acceleration time of about 20 seconds, about half of the traditional truck zero hundred acceleration time.

Price, the vehicle range of 480km version of the price of $ 150,000, range of 800km version of the price of $ 180,000.

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