Another Price Increase! Tesla Raises California Supercharging Prices

In the U.S. state of California, Tesla said in an email to owners that the charging rates for some Superchargers will be increased and the division of off-peak hours will be changed as of Sept. 28, electrek reported.

Tesla owners in California revealed that after the price increase, most Superchargers will charge at about $0.50 per kilowatt hour during peak hours, with only some charging posts at $0.40 per kilowatt hour.

What is the concept of a $0.5 per kilowatt hour charging price? This means that the cost of a full charge may be as high as $30, approaching the cost of fueling a fuel car. In the past, the price of charging with Tesla Superchargers was less than $10.

It is worth mentioning that just in the middle of this month, Tesla significantly increased the charging price of European superchargers. According to electrek statistics, the average European charging price rose 0.12 euros per kilowatt hour, and most superchargers will cost more than 0.60 euros per kilowatt hour, an increase of up to 20%.

For the reason for the price increase, Tesla blamed it on the rise in energy prices in Europe.

As for the charging hours, Tesla has maintained a peak hour, off-peak hour gradient charging strategy in California. During off-peak hours, charging is about 30-40% cheaper. However, the division of the two charging periods depends on the individual charging stations. The specific changes regarding the recent off-peak hours were not disclosed in the electrek report.

It is understood that one of the advantages of electric vehicles is their low cost of daily use, with charging costs lower than refueling costs. But that advantage is fading as charging prices rise around the world.

In this regard, electrek expects that Tesla will increase its investment in photovoltaic and energy storage in the future, to hedge against the rising energy costs and control the charging price of superchargers.

It should also be noted that the current round of price increases apply only to the price of superchargers, most Tesla owners are charging at home using home charging posts, and the cost of home charging is generally lower.

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