Another milestone! Tesla Giga Berlin capacity raised to 5,000 units per week

Previously, Tesla had announced that it would increase its production capacity in Giga Berlin to 5,000 units/week by the end of 2022. On March 25, Tesla announced that the weekly production of Tesla Berlin Super Factory has officially come to 5,000 units/week, although it was delayed by a few months compared to the initial scheduled time.


"Tesla Giga Berlin has ramped up weekly production to 5,000 vehicles within a year of its first deliveries to customers," Tesla said in its Twitter post. The speed of Tesla Giga Berlin's growth is remarkable, considering that the automaker just announced less than a month ago that the plant had reached a capacity of 4,000 vehicles per week, and that this increase in capacity is now arguably ahead of schedule compared to previous plans.

Europe is one of the most competitive markets for electric vehicles, and the market has long been dominated by those local European car companies. Prior to Tesla's entry into the region, it was the top-selling company in Europe. Before Tesla's Berlin mega-factory went into operation, the cars sold by Tesla in Europe mainly came from Tesla's Shanghai mega-factory. And with the Berlin plant officially in production, Tesla will likely ramp up production in Berlin as the company tries to drive as many deliveries as possible to achieve quarter-over-quarter growth.

Image credit: Tesla

Registration data shows that Tesla has so far ruled the European electric car market in 2023. Tesla has sold 36,036 vehicles in Europe this year, accounting for 19.5 percent of the European market. Volkswagen is in second place, with sales of 21,552 vehicles accounting for 11.7 percent of the market share. In early March this year, Tesla also submitted plans to expand production at its Berlin superfactory, which it plans to expand to 1 million vehicles per year.

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