Analysts Expect Tesla To Deliver 242,000 Units In Q2

In a report to investors on June 26, two analysts at Credit Suisse said they expected Tesla to deliver 242,000 electric cars to consumers in the second quarter.

Tesla Model 3

Previously, official data released showed that Tesla produced 305,400 electric cars in the first quarter of 2022, with global deliveries of more than 310,000 units, and Tesla's deliveries in China were 182,200 units, accounting for 58.8% of global deliveries; at the same time, the German Berlin factory was officially put into operation, and Tesla's sales in Europe rose.

That said, as expected by the two analysts, deliveries in the second quarter were down significantly compared to Tesla's first quarter 2022 deliveries.

Earlier this year, Tesla CEO Musk had expected a 50% increase in deliveries in 2022, with an expected 20 million annual deliveries by 2030. Based on last year's total sales of 936,000 units, Tesla's deliveries are expected to reach exceed 1.4 million units this year.

However, Tesla's production and sales were curbed to some extent in the second quarter due to the epidemic and supply chain impact. Foreign media reported that Tesla had planned to upgrade and renovate its Shanghai Superworks in May, but its plan to increase production had to be postponed for 2 months due to the epidemic. At the same time, Tesla's second quarter production at the Shanghai plant is also expected to drop by more than a third compared to the first quarter.

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