A Tesla Model Y Overturned After A Suspected Battery Fire

Recently, a netizen released a video of Tesla Model Y on fire online. From the screenshot of the exposed video, it can be clearly seen that the car rolled over on its side on the ground, the bottom of the car was burning with fire, and the fierce fire was accompanied by splashes, but whether it was a battery fire is unknown for the time being, but in general the bottom of the fire is mostly caused by the battery pack after suffering a violent collision, thus triggering the fire.


Up to now, Tesla has not made an official response, and we have not been able to determine the cause of the car fire for the time being, in addition to not being able to determine whether the fire was caused by spontaneous combustion.

It is understood that the current Tesla Model Y is equipped with 60kWh and 78.4kWh two capacity batteries according to the model version, the battery brand is Panasonic's NCR18650A ternary lithium battery, rated voltage 3.6V, capacity 3.1Ah.

For this issue of the incident of fire, as the current Tesla official response has not been made.


However, there are not a few incidents of Tesla's models catching fire, as early as 2020 there were foreign media revealed that Tesla has been hiding hidden battery problems for 8 years, and its flagship model Model S because the battery has a cooling device improperly designed, may lead to short circuit and even fire problems, but the management in order to production and performance but turn a blind eye.

But whether the Tesla Model Y also has the relevant hidden danger we can not take evidence for the time being, so we will continue to keep an eye on.

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John Murphy is the founder of TOPCARS Tesla Aftermarket Accessories, as well as an investor in Tesla and owner of the Model Y. He posts about Tesla news while running the site on a daily basis.

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