This 25-day work report

Today take advantage of the opportunity to do external links, is to write a summary of this month, although the month is still over.

I've been away from home for 25 days, SEO traffic and rankings are not up, and there is a slow downward trend, very confused, do not know what to do, every day is very anxious. Slightly regret choosing this line, but think about not playing a lifetime of work, and invested so much money, easily give up no way to explain to the family, very, very many factors are I have to persevere!

After the 7 days of vacation in October, I made a plan for myself and completely focused on 8 hours of work every day, and found that the 20 days were quite fulfilling.

The first half of the month has been in accordance with the things learned from the blog in the search for competitors' external links, looking for a few days, opened hundreds of web pages, sent a dozen emails only by luck to come to a link, and a paid link. It's not a waste of time.

In fact, there are a lot of competitors, good external links people simply do not care about you, poor external links I do not see, so look down in the not slippery external links are few and far between, basically a few days of time to find out, I can now only find other car brands external links.

A big discovery in the 20 days at home is that finding external links is too costly VPN traffic, before not resigning to consume a few G of traffic a month, now open more than a hundred pages a day, a day need to consume more than a G of traffic, simply a psychological shadow.

But this time the biggest gain should still find a German big brother's blog, teaching you to create Do-follow links in various high DA sites, although it is not yet known how the specific effect, but I think the role is certainly still there, now look at the effect after the inclusion.

The twenty links have been done for 4 days, it is not included, including these social bookmarking sites:, instapaper.

Now the only way is to operate according to the method I came up with to see if it can speed up the inclusion. Well, that's all I have to write.

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